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A few services we’re great at

At Apicules we understand the customer need and develop products as per Regulatory market requirement 

API Process development

At Apicules we develop Non infringing process as per client requirement

CRO services

At Apicules we provide best medicinal chemistry services with lowest price in the market

CRAms services

At Apicules we develop molecules from milligram scale to multi kilogram level as per customer requirment

api impurity synthesis

At Apicules we synthesize API impurity standards as per customer requirement


Few products we offer

  1. Atorvastatin Intermediate(ATS-8) (CAS No-125971-94-0)
  2. Rosuvastatin intermediate D5 (CAS No-154026-95-6)
  3. Rosuvastatin intermediate Z7 (CAS No- 147118-36-3)
  4. Sitagliptin triazole HCl (CAS No- 762240-92-6)
  5. APIs
  6. Cefuroxime Axetil(CAS No 64544-07-6)
  7. Cefpodoxime Proxetil (CAS No 87239-81-4)
  8. Ceftibuten dihydrate (CAS No 118081-34-8)
  9. Ceftazidime Pentahydrate (CAS No 78439-06-2)
  10. Sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate (CAS No-654671-77-9)
  11. Atorvastatin calcium (CAS No 134523-00-5)
  12. Bilastine (CAS No 202189-78-4)
  13. Levitiracetam (CAS No 102767-28-2)
  14. Duloxetine HCl (CAS No 136434-34-9
  15. )Brivaracetam (CAS No 357336-20-0)
  16. Metformin (CAS No 1115-70-4)
  17. Imeglimin (CAS No 775351-61-6)
  18. Gabapentin (CAS No 60142-96-3)
  19. Rosuvastatin calcium (CAS No 147098-20-2)
  20. Quetiapine (CAS No 111974-69-7)
  21. Montelukast Sodium (CAS No 151767-02-1)
  22. Pantaprozole Sodium Sesquihydrate (CAS No 164579-32-2)
  23. Minocycline (CAS No 10118-90-8)
  24. Tapentadol Hydrochloride (CAS No 175591-09-0)
  25. Mirabegron (CAS No 223673-61-8)
  26. Pimavanserin (CAS No 706779-91-1)
  27. Ricobendazole (CAS No 54029-12-8)
  28. Edoxaban (CAS No 480449-70-5)
  29. Rivaroxaban (CAS No 366789-02-8)
  30. Ranolazine (CAS No 95635-55-5)
  31. Telmisertan (CAS No 144701-48-4)
  32. Voricanazole (CAS No 137234-62-9)
  33. Cariprazine HCl (CAS No 1083076-69-0)
  34. Irbesartan (CAS No 138402-11-6)
  35. Pioglitazone HCl (CAS No 112529-15-4)
  36. Olmesartan (CAS No 144689-24-7)
  37. Esomoprazole sodium (CAS No 161796-78-7)
  38. Dexlansoprpozole (CAS No 138530-94-6)
  39. Fexofenadine HCl (CAS No 153439-40-8)
  40. Vildagliptin (CAS No 274901-16-5)
About us

At Apicules pharma we are working as a dedicated team with higher qualification and multinational experience in Pharma industry. To take the advantage of 20 years in this industry, we develop APIs, API intermediates and Medicinal Chemistry molecules according to clients. We offer competitive pricing as per market and deliver the products in time to the clients. Further we take social and environmental responsibility while developing products.

The secret of success

We provide top class facilities for developing products

Analytical facility

At Apicules we have all analytical equipment required for API development

manufacturing facility

We have collaboration with GMP plants for bulk manufacturing